Sysbox: devquery

Sysbox: devquery

Usage: devquery [OPTION]... [-T timeout] QUERY DEVNAME [PARAM]

Query a device. The name of the device will be DEVNAME. The optional PARAM argument must be an integer number, but defaults to zero.

The QUERY argument must be one of the following:



$ devquery -c PING tcpip
$ devquery -h GET_CLASS tcpip 0
Result: 0xdce70005
$ devquery -h GET_CLASS tcpip 1
Result: 0xdce7000c
$ devquery -h GET_CLASS tcpip 2
Result: 0xdce7005c
$ devquery -v QUERY_POWER_LEVEL tcpip
devquery: tcpip: get device MsgPort from registry ("run/dev/tcpip")
devquery: tcpip: query with 5000 msec timeout
devquery: tcpip: message sent
devquery: tcpip: ping successful
Result: 3