Sysbox: kblayout

Sysbox: kblayout

Usage: kblayout [OPTION]... [LAYOUT]

Get and set keyboard layout on standard input. The standard input stated here must be a terminal, for example /dev/tty0.

When working on a terminal, the keyboard layout may be changed on your preference. Without specifying the LAYOUT argument the tool will print the name of the current layout.

The keyboard layouts are simple structures in the memory and they are shared with the services. These structures shall be in a shared executable (SX), and this will grant all the necessary low-level things. Additional keyboard layouts can be installed by loading them into the library service. Use the vktrans library to create one.

Some layouts:



$ kblayout
$ kblayout -F /dev/tty huHU_437
$ kblayout -F /dev/tty