Sysbox: raiseexc

Sysbox: raiseexc

Usage: raiseexc [OPTION]... EXID/EXSPEC PROCNAME...

Raise a user exception to a process/task by handle or name. Can be invoked only from elevated shells (or tasks).

EXID is a non-negative integer number. It must be less than 16. In other words, the accepted range is 0-15 (inclusive).

EXSPEC is one of the following:

The implementation is basically just a RaiseException() system call. The target task is specified by PROCNAME or TASKHANDLE.

The basic functionality of the kill(1) tool can be achived with raiseexc. For example: after sleep 10000 & is invoked, the kill -9 sleep will be quite similar to raiseexc SIGNAL sleep -p 9.


Examples (Important! Only super tasks can perform these):

# raiseexc SIGNAL sleep -p 9