Sysbox: free

Sysbox: free

Usage: free [OPTION]...

Display amount of free and used memory in the system.

If no options are given, the display unit will be kilobyes (1024 bytes).

The displayed amounts contain the reserved memory as well. See task for details.

The Mem line: Total installed memory. All memory blocks are counted here. However, the kernel-level reserved space is not included here, so the amounts displayed may be lower than the physically installed memory.

The Main line: The main memory block, mainly used by the kernel. It is possible to allocate from it, but it is not allowed by default. Program heaps will not consume this memory area.

The Virt line: Total virtual space, used for virtual memory management.



$ free -hvS
            total        used        free
Mem:         1.0G         81M        978M
Main:        260M          8M        251M
Virt:      277.0G         73M      276.9G