Packages available for Threos

package architectures version installed size license description group depends on
core-src/diffutils-src any 3.6-4 10.11 MB GPL3 Utility programs used for creating patch files - -
core-src/grep-src any 3.4-1 10.99 MB GPL3 A string search utility base, base-devel -
core-src/libidn2-src any 2.3.0-1 9.14 MB GPL2 | LGPL3 Free software implementation of IDNA2008, Punycode and TR46 - libc, libunistring
core-src/libpsl-src any 0.20.2-5 44.35 MB MIT Public Suffix List library - libc, libidn2, libunistring
core-src/libunistring-src any 0.9.10-8 23.35 MB GPL Library for manipulating Unicode strings and C strings - -
core-src/mpfr-src any 4.0.2-2 10.18 MB LGPL Multiple-precision floating-point library - -
core-src/openssl-src any 1.0.2n-11 24.00 MB Custom: BSD The Open Source toolkit for Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security - -
core-src/readline-src any 7.0.005-4 6.82 MB GPL GNU readline library - -
core-src/wget-src any 1.19.5-6 16.94 MB GPL3 Network utility to retrieve files from the Web - libc, libidn2, libpsl, openssl, pcre, zlib
core/acpi x86_64 0.1-481 1.39 MB Conet + GPL2|BSD|Intel ACPI device driver base dm-classes
core/adminsvc x86_64 0.1-481 204.44 kB Conet Administrator service base boot-scripts
core/ahci x86_64 0.1-481 398.52 kB Conet Advanced Host Controller Interface driver base dm-classes
core/am79c970a x86_64 0.1-481 253.11 kB Conet AM79C970A ethernet device driver base dm-classes
core/argon2 x86_64 armv7a 20171227-1 147.36 kB Apache | CC0 A password-hashing function (reference C implementation) - libc
core/ascii x86_64 armv7a 3.18-3 41.62 kB BSD Utility for conversion between various byte representations and the ASCII character table - libc
core/barsh x86_64 armv7a win32 2.0.0-54, 2.0.0-56 613.21 kB Conet Simple bash replica base filesystem, libc, readline, util-threos
core/bc x86_64 armv7a 1.07.1-6 340.14 kB GPL An arbitrary precision calculator language - libc, readline
core/binutils x86_64 armv7a 2.31.1-8 18.74 MB GPL A set of programs to assemble and manipulate binary and object files - libc, zlib
core/blk2fif x86_64 0.1-481 224.69 kB Conet Block to flash interface conversion service base-ext -
core/boot-scripts simw x86_64 armv7a 0.2.3-1 15.17 kB Conet Scripts required for boot and devman base -
core/boot-tools x86_64 armv7a 0.3.0-1 18.16 kB Conet Bootloader installation tools base bootloader-bin, devlib, krnlext, libc, sparted
core/bootfs x86_64 0.1-481 343.85 kB Conet Boot file system service base boot-scripts
core/bootinitcpio x86_64 0.1-481 237.64 kB Conet Boot init CPIO service base -
core/bootloader-bin x86_64 0.1-481 270.00 kB Conet Bootloader binaries base -
core/bootparam x86_64 0.1-481 149.84 kB Conet Boot parameter owner task base -
core/bsd-utils x86_64 armv7a 1.0.6-1 213.25 kB BSD Utilities from 4.2BSD base devlib, krnlext, libc
core/bzip2 x86_64 armv7a 1.0.6-7 257.55 kB custom A high-quality data compression program - libc
core/ca-certificates any 0.20200107-1 4.14 MB MPL Mozilla's set of trusted CA certificates - ca-certificates-cacert
core/ca-certificates-cacert any 20180704-1 8.09 kB Custom: RDL root certificates - -
core/cairo x86_64 1.15.10-4 3.16 MB LGPL2.1 | MPL1.1 2D graphics library with support for multiple output devices - freetype2, libpng, pixman, zlib
core/capstone x86_64 armv7a 3.0.5-1 7.25 MB BSD A lightweight multi-platform, multi-architecture disassembly framework - libc
core/cchatd x86_64 armv7a 0.2.2-1 25.47 kB Conet Conet chat daemon - lextras, libc
core/char2tcp x86_64 0.1-481 234.68 kB Conet Relay a character device to a TCP connection base -
core/chrpath x86_64 armv7a 0.16-5 84.14 kB GPL2 Change or delete the rpath or runpath in ELF files - libc
core/chrprint simw x86_64 armv7a 0.1.6-1 34.78 kB Conet Wrap character device with printf - devlib, krnlext, lextras, libc
core/cmosrtc x86_64 0.1-481 245.68 kB Conet CMOS/RTC device driver base dm-classes
core/colprint simw x86_64 armv7a win32 0.4.9-1 61.13 kB Conet Library to column and table printing - libc
core/coreutils x86_64 armv7a 8.30-3 15.60 MB GPL3 The basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities of the GNU operating system - gmp, libc, openssl
core/cpiolib x86_64 armv7a win32 0.2.9-6 105.07 kB Conet Library to create and read CPIO images - libc
core/cpuinfo x86_64 0.1-481 171.13 kB Conet Display information about the CPU base-ext -
core/createkey x86_64 0.1-481 164.76 kB Conet Registry key creator tool base -
core/crt01 simw x86_64 armv7a win32 0.1.10-1, 0.1-1 10.18 kB Conet, Public Domain C Runtime objects (crt0 and crt1), Pseudo crt package base -
core/cryptobox x86_64 win32 0.0.1-24, 0.1-481 269.72 kB Conet Cryptography toolbox base boot-scripts, vfs
core/curl x86_64 armv7a 7.61.1-2 3.09 MB MIT An URL retrieval utility and library - ca-certificates, libnghttp2, libpsl, libssh2, openssl, zlib
core/db x86_64 armv7a 5.3.28-11 5.87 MB custom The Berkeley DB embedded database system - libc
core/dbgtracesvc x86_64 0.1-481 245.78 kB Conet Debug trace service base-ext -
core/dev-scripts x86_64 0.1-481 5.71 kB Conet Development scripts base -
core/devhelper x86_64 armv7a 0.2.6-3 33.54 kB Conet Device programming helper - devlib, krnlext, libc-headers, tagdesc, threos-headers
core/devlib simw x86_64 armv7a win32 0.3.2-1 89.76 kB Conet Device programming helper library - krnlext, libc-headers, threos-headers
core/devman x86_64 0.1-481 739.17 kB Conet Device manager base dm-classes, tgetty
core/df simw x86_64 armv7a 0.2.26-1 424.15 kB Conet Device Framework library and Buffer group base devlib, krnlext, lextras, libc
core/df-docs any 0.2.1-1 166.63 kB Conet Official Device Framework documentation - -
core/df-examples any 0.2.19-1 35.00 kB Conet Example C source codes using the Device Framework - devlib, df, krnlext, libc
core/dhex x86_64 armv7a 0.68-14 125.75 kB GPL2 An ncurses-based hexeditor with a diff mode - ncurses
core/dialog x86_64 armv7a 1.3_20181107-4 616.41 kB LGPL2.1 A tool to display dialog boxes from shell scripts - libc, ncurses
core/diffutils x86_64 armv7a 3.6-4 884.10 kB GPL3 Utility programs used for creating patch files - libc
core/dm-classes x86_64 armv7a 0.2.0-1 6.26 kB Conet Devman device driver classes base boot-scripts
core/dnssec-anchors any 20180810-1 1.15 kB custom:NoCopyright DNSSEC trust anchors for the root zone - -
core/dos2unix x86_64 armv7a 7.4.0-2 299.08 kB BSD Text file format converter - libc
core/e1000 x86_64 0.1-481 334.39 kB Conet Intel e1000 ethernet driver base dm-classes
core/early_serial x86_64 0.1-481 205.62 kB Conet Early serial service base -
core/ed x86_64 armv7a 1.14.2-3 144.90 kB GPL A POSIX-compliant line-oriented text editor - libc
core/elftools x86_64 armv7a win32 0.2.24-1, 0.2.25-1 1.12 MB Conet Tools and library to handle and manipulate ELF files base devlib, krnlext, lextras, libc
core/errorwatch x86_64 0.1-481 177.99 kB Conet Error watch daemon base boot-scripts
core/examples any 0.2.44-1 62.37 kB Public Domain Example C source codes - -
core/expat x86_64 armv7a 2.2.6-3 558.12 kB Custom An XML parser library - libc
core/ext2 x86_64 0.1-481 367.46 kB Conet Ext2 file system service base boot-scripts
core/fat32 x86_64 0.1-481 374.37 kB Conet FAT32 file system service base-ext boot-scripts
core/fataux x86_64 armv7a win32 0.3.25-1 135.27 kB Conet Auxiliary library for FAT base krnlext, libc
core/fcgi x86_64 armv7a 0.2.8-1 35.16 kB Conet Conet FastCGI helper library base krnlext, libc
core/ffs x86_64 0.1-481 446.69 kB Conet Flash file system service base-ext boot-scripts
core/file x86_64 armv7a 5.35-4 5.41 MB custom File type identification utility - libc, zlib
core/filesystem x86_64 armv7a win32 2019.10-1 1.70 kB Public Domain Base Threos files base -
core/findutils x86_64 armv7a 4.6.0-6 1.53 MB GPL3 GNU utilities to locate files - libc
core/flashedit x86_64 0.1-481 183.33 kB Conet Flash editor utility base-ext -
core/freetype2 x86_64 armv7a 2.9.1-1 4.19 MB GPL Font rasterization library - bzip2, libc, libpng, zlib
core/freetype2-docs any 2.9.1-1 3.93 MB GPL Freetype documentation - freetype2
core/fsinfo x86_64 armv7a 0.2.1-4 10.67 kB Conet Display file system information - libc
core/fsl2vfs x86_64 0.1-481 225.23 kB Conet Copy files from an FSLIGHT device onto the VFS base -
core/ftpd x86_64 0.1-481 302.18 kB Conet FTP daemon base-ext boot-scripts
core/gawk x86_64 armv7a 4.2.1-1 3.00 MB GPL GNU version of awk - libc, mpfr, readline
core/gc x86_64 7.6.4-3 867.32 kB GPL A garbage collector for C and C++ - libatomic_ops, libc
core/gcc x86_64 armv7a 8.2.0-5 179.41 MB GPL, LGPL, FDL, custom The GNU Compiler Collection - C and C++ frontends - binutils, libc, libmpc
core/gdbm x86_64 armv7a 1.14.1-4 567.21 kB GPL, LGPL GNU Database Library - libc
core/genlpc x86_64 0.1-481 257.33 kB Conet General LPC driver base dm-classes
core/git x86_64 armv7a 2.19.1-2 45.62 MB GPL2 the fast distributed version control system - curl, expat>=2.0, libc, openssl, pcre2, perl-error, perl-mailtools, perl>=5.14.0, shadow
core/gmp x86_64 armv7a 6.1.2-7 2.41 MB LGPL3, GPL A free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic - libc
core/gnutls x86_64 armv7a 3.6.5-4 8.51 MB GPL3, LGPL2.1 A library which provides a secure layer over a reliable transport layer - libc, libidn2, libtasn1, libunistring, nettle, readline, zlib
core/graphutils x86_64 armv7a win32 0.2.4-1 10.00 kB Conet Graph utilities - lextras, libc
core/grep x86_64 armv7a 3.4-1 554.65 kB GPL3 A string search utility base, base-devel libc, pcre
core/groff x86_64 1.22.3-7 13.44 MB GPL GNU troff text-formatting system - gcc, libc
core/gzip x86_64 armv7a 1.9-2 345.96 kB GPL3 GNU compression utility - less, libc
core/hellocgi-src any 1.0.5-2 1.54 kB Public Domain Hello World CGI with fcgi - fcgi
core/httpd x86_64 armv7a 0.2.18-2 233.28 kB Conet HTTP daemon base-ext boot-scripts, fcgi
core/iana-etc any 20181010-1 726.35 kB Custom: None /etc/protocols and /etc/services provided by IANA - -
core/idebm x86_64 0.1-481 593.70 kB Conet IDE bus master driver base dm-classes
core/imgtool x86_64 armv7a win32 0.3.1-3, 0.3.2-1 387.47 kB Conet Create and modify various image formats, Create and modify various image files base libc
core/inipar x86_64 armv7a win32 0.2.5-1 34.11 kB Conet Ini file parser library - libc, threos-headers
core/inputhub x86_64 0.1-481 250.24 kB Conet Input multiplexer base -
core/install-help any 1.0-22 7.37 kB Public Domain Installation guide and helper scripts - boot-tools, mkbic, pkman
core/joe x86_64 4.1-481 1.52 MB GPL2 Joe's own editor base -
core/kimg x86_64 0.1-481 219.64 kB Conet Kernel image creator and reader base-ext -
core/kmonitor x86_64 armv7a 0.2.10-2 2.69 MB Conet Low-level monitoring tool base -
core/krnlext simw x86_64 armv7a win32 0.3.3-1 71.95 kB Conet Kernel extension library base libc-headers, threos-headers
core/layout_hu x86_64 armv7a 0.2.4-1 30.17 kB Conet Hungarian keyboard layout base threos-headers
core/ldns x86_64 armv7a 1.7.0-2 3.21 MB custom:BSD Fast DNS library supporting recent RFCs - dnssec-anchors, openssl
core/less x86_64 armv7a 530-12 398.30 kB GPL3 A terminal based program for viewing text files - libc, ncurses, pcre
core/lextras simw x86_64 armv7a win32 0.2.11-2 542.69 kB Conet libc extra functionalities base devlib, krnlext, libc
core/libarchive x86_64 armv7a 3.3.3-3 5.24 MB BSD Multi-format archive and compression library - bzip2, expat, lz4, openssl, xz, zlib
core/libatomic_ops x86_64 7.6.2-1 689.43 kB GPL2, MIT Provides semi-portable access to hardware provided atomic memory operations - libc
core/libc simw x86_64 armv7a win32 0.3.16-2, 0.2-1 8.14 MB Conet, MIT, Public Domain C Library, Pseudo libc package base crt01, devlib, krnlext, libc-headers, threos-headers, simhost
core/libc-headers simw x86_64 armv7a armv8a win32 0.3.3-1, 0.2.5-1 274.68 kB Conet, Public Domain C library headers, Pseudo libc headers package base simhost
core/libedit x86_64 armv7a 20180525_3.1-3 683.31 kB BSD Command line editor library providing generic line editing, history, and tokenization functions - ncurses
core/libevent x86_64 armv7a 2.1.8-3 2.54 MB BSD An event notification library - libc, openssl
core/libffi x86_64 armv7a 3.2.1-5 98.27 kB MIT Portable foreign function interface library - libc
core/libidn2 x86_64 armv7a 2.3.0-1 613.21 kB GPL2 | LGPL3 Free software implementation of IDNA2008, Punycode and TR46 - libc, libunistring
core/libjpeg-turbo x86_64 armv7a 1.5.3-3 1.88 MB Custom: BSD-style JPEG image codec with accelerated baseline compression and decompression - libc
core/libmpc x86_64 armv7a 1.1.0-4 242.41 kB LGPL Library for the arithmetic of complex numbers with arbitrarily high precision - libc, mpfr
core/libnghttp2 x86_64 armv7a 1.32.0-2 795.40 kB MIT Framing layer of HTTP/2 is implemented as a reusable C library - libc
core/libpng x86_64 armv7a 1.6.34-2 1.04 MB Custom A collection of routines used to create PNG format graphics files - libc, zlib
core/libpsl x86_64 armv7a 0.20.2-5 245.18 kB MIT Public Suffix List library - libc, libidn2, libunistring
core/librandom x86_64 armv7a 0.2.4-1 10.11 kB Conet Random number generators - libc
core/libssh2 x86_64 armv7a 1.8.0-3 795.85 kB BSD A library implementing the SSH2 protocol as defined by Internet Drafts - libc, openssl, zlib
core/libsvc x86_64 0.1-481 438.11 kB Conet Library service base -
core/libtasn1 x86_64 armv7a 4.13-3 389.91 kB GPL3 | LGPL The ASN.1 library used in GNUTLS - libc
core/libunistring x86_64 armv7a 0.9.10-8 5.44 MB GPL Library for manipulating Unicode strings and C strings - libc
core/libvmma x86_64 armv7a 0.4.0-1 66.28 kB LGPL-2.1 A memory allocator for virtual machines - libc
core/lineser x86_64 0.1-481 249.91 kB Conet Character device line serializer service base-ext -
core/links x86_64 armv7a 2.17-5 1.94 MB GPL2 A text WWW browser, similar to Lynx - bzip2, libc, openssl, xz, zlib
core/loadersvc x86_64 0.1-481 213.99 kB Conet Loader service base -
core/loadsx x86_64 0.1-481 183.33 kB Conet Shared executable loader base -
core/loop x86_64 0.1-481 437.24 kB Conet Loopback block device service - -
core/lua x86_64 armv7a 5.3.5-5 1.36 MB MIT Powerful lightweight programming language designed for extending applications - libc, readline
core/lz4 x86_64 armv7a 1.8.3-1 930.94 kB GPL2 Extremely fast compression algorithm - libc
core/make x86_64 armv7a 4.2.90+git-7 993.43 kB GPL3 GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs base-devel libc
core/man-lite x86_64 armv7a 0.5.0-5 17.96 kB Conet A lightweight tool to read manual pages - groff, gzip, less, lextras, libc
core/mkbic simw x86_64 armv7a win32 0.2.30-1, 0.1-29 250.88 kB Conet Make boot init cpio base libc, libc-headers
core/monedit simw x86_64 armv7a 0.2.5-1 61.96 kB Conet Editor command extension for the monitor library - libc-headers, monitor, threos-headers
core/monextra simw x86_64 armv7a 0.2.16-1 253.55 kB Conet Extra command and value tables for the monitor base libc-headers, monitor, tinydump
core/monitor simw x86_64 armv7a 0.2.13-1 303.17 kB Conet Simple command line library for low-level monitoring base libc-headers, threos-headers
core/mount-tool x86_64 0.1-481 189.81 kB Conet Mount tool base -
core/mpdecimal x86_64 armv7a 2.4.2-2 1.14 MB Custom Package for correctly-rounded arbitrary precision decimal floating point arithmetic - libc
core/mpfr x86_64 armv7a 4.0.2-2 1.14 MB LGPL Multiple-precision floating-point library - gmp, libc
core/nano x86_64 armv7a 2.9.8-6 951.28 kB GPL Pico editor clone with enhancements - file, libc, ncurses
core/ncurses x86_64 armv7a 6.1+20181006-4 5.15 MB MIT System V Release 4.0 curses emulation library - libc
core/ncurses-docs any 6.1+20181006-4 2.21 MB MIT Official ncurses documentation - -
core/ncurses-examples any 6.1+20181006-4 50.51 kB MIT Example source codes for ncurses - libc-headers, ncurses
core/net-snmp x86_64 5.7.3-3 13.50 MB BSD A suite of applications used to implement SNMP v1, SNMP v2c and SNMP v3 using IPv4 - libc, openssl
core/net-tools x86_64 armv7a 0.2.4-2 669.39 kB Conet Configuration tools for networking base devlib, krnlext, lextras, libc
core/nettle x86_64 armv7a 3.4.1-1 2.66 MB GPL2 A low-level cryptographic library - gmp, libc
core/niftune x86_64 0.1-481 176.18 kB Conet Tuner tool for network interface class devices base-ext -
core/ns16550 x86_64 0.1-481 316.60 kB Conet Standard PC serial device driver base dm-classes
core/numcgi x86_64 0.1-481 166.73 kB Conet Simple 'seq' tool as a CGI - fcgi
core/openssl x86_64 armv7a win32 1.0.2n-11 9.01 MB Custom: BSD The Open Source toolkit for Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security - libc
core/partsvc x86_64 0.1-481 249.19 kB Conet Partition table parser service base boot-scripts
core/patch x86_64 armv7a 2.7.6-6 355.48 kB GPL A utility to apply patch files to original sources - libc
core/pci x86_64 0.1-481 328.28 kB Conet PCI device driver base dm-classes
core/pci-utils x86_64 0.1-481 186.65 kB Conet PCI utilities base-ext -
core/pcidb any 20180704-1 1.07 MB GPL2+ | BSD-3 PCI Vendor and Device Lists - -
core/pcre x86_64 armv7a 8.42-6 2.74 MB BSD A library that implements Perl 5-style regular expressions - libc, readline
core/pcre2 x86_64 armv7a 10.32-7 3.46 MB BSD A library that implements Perl 5-style regular expressions. 2nd version - libc, readline
core/perl x86_64 armv7a 5.25.9-6 61.63 MB GPL, PerlArtistic A highly capable, feature-rich programming language - db, gdbm, libc
core/perl-error any 0.17026-1 86.91 kB PerlArtistic, GPL Perl/CPAN Error module - Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way - perl
core/perl-mailtools any 2.20-1 235.12 kB PerlArtistic, GPL Various e-mail related modules - perl, perl-timedate
core/perl-timedate any 2.30-1 107.58 kB PerlArtistic Date formatting subroutines - perl
core/piix x86_64 0.1-481 257.40 kB Conet PIIX chipset driver base dm-classes
core/ping x86_64 0.1-481 187.11 kB Conet ICMP ping tool base -
core/pixman x86_64 armv7a 0.34.0-4 2.42 MB MIT The pixel-manipulation library for X and cairo - libc
core/pkman simw x86_64 armv7a win32 0.2.95-1, 0.1-71 1.78 MB Conet Package manager with dependency support, Package manager utility base cpiolib, devlib, graphutils, inipar, krnlext, lextras, libc, tcrypto, unxzlib, libc-headers, libpkman
core/pkman-docs any 0.2.2-1 35.63 kB CC BY-SA 4.0 Official Package Manager (pkman) Documentation - -
core/pkserver simw x86_64 armv7a win32 0.2.18-1, 0.1-27 707.19 kB Conet Package repository server for pkman base-devel libc, pkman, libc-headers, libpkman
core/prot_dhcp x86_64 armv7a 0.2.10-2 23.29 kB Conet DHCP protocol driver for TCP/IP service base krnlext, libc, prot_udp, tcpip, tdproto, utask
core/prot_dns x86_64 armv7a 0.2.9-2 12.83 kB Conet DNS protocol driver for TCP/IP service base krnlext, libc, prot_udp, tcpip, tdproto, utask
core/prot_ether x86_64 armv7a 0.2.11-1 15.17 kB Conet Ethernet interface driver for TCP/IP service base krnlext, libc, tcpip, tdproto, utask
core/prot_icmp x86_64 armv7a 0.2.9-2 7.80 kB Conet ICMP protocol driver for TCP/IP service base krnlext, libc, prot_ipv4, tcpip, tdproto, utask
core/prot_ipv4 x86_64 armv7a 0.2.17-1 25.72 kB Conet IPv4 protocol driver for TCP/IP service base krnlext, libc, tcpip, tdproto, utask
core/prot_lo x86_64 armv7a 0.2.13-2 10.24 kB Conet Loopback interface driver for TCP/IP service base libc, tcpip, tdproto, utask
core/prot_slip x86_64 armv7a 0.2.9-2 12.45 kB Conet Serial Line IP interface driver for TCP/IP service base krnlext, libc, tcpip, tdproto, utask
core/prot_tcp x86_64 armv7a 0.2.24-1 40.58 kB Conet TCP protocol driver for TCP/IP service base krnlext, lextras, libc, prot_ipv4, tcpip, tdproto, utask
core/prot_udp x86_64 armv7a 0.2.14-1 14.06 kB Conet UDP protocol driver for TCP/IP service base krnlext, libc, prot_ipv4, tcpip, tdproto, utask
core/prot_unix x86_64 armv7a 0.2.20-2 25.86 kB Conet UNIX domain socket driver for TCP/IP service base krnlext, libc, tcpip, tdproto, utask
core/ps2 x86_64 0.1-481 334.08 kB Conet PS/2 keyboard and mouse device driver base dm-classes, inputhub
core/ptysvc x86_64 0.1-481 297.70 kB Conet Pseudo teletype service base boot-scripts
core/ramdisk x86_64 0.1-481 205.77 kB Conet RAM disk service base-ext boot-scripts
core/readline x86_64 armv7a 7.0.005-4 1.64 MB GPL GNU readline library - libc, ncurses
core/realtek x86_64 0.1-481 322.84 kB Conet Realtek RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ and RTL-8111/8168/8411 ethernet driver base dm-classes
core/regcgi x86_64 0.1-481 179.73 kB Conet Registry viewer CGI - fcgi
core/registry x86_64 0.1-481 232.72 kB Conet System registry service base -
core/regpers x86_64 0.1-481 175.67 kB Conet Registry persister daemon base boot-scripts
core/riscvemu x86_64 armv7a win32 0.3.7-1 116.48 kB Conet RISC-V emulator - krnlext, libc
core/sbfs x86_64 armv7a win32 0.1.9-1 68.58 kB Conet Simple boot file system library - -
core/sed x86_64 armv7a 4.5-3 528.13 kB GPL3 GNU stream editor base, base-devel libc
core/shadow x86_64 armv7a 0.2.13-1 128.27 kB Conet Password and account management tool suite base devlib, filesystem, krnlext, lextras, libc
core/simhost simw 0.3.1-1 210.85 kB Conet Host syscall and libc call wrapper base -
core/sparted x86_64 armv7a 0.3.0-1 24.09 kB Conet Simple partition editor toolkit base devlib, krnlext, libc
core/sqlite x86_64 armv7a 3.25.2-3 10.90 MB Public Domain A C library that implements an SQL database engine - libc, readline, zlib
core/sqlite-doc any 3.25.2-3 22.36 MB Public Domain Most of the static HTML files that comprise this website, including all of the SQL Syntax and the C/C++ interface specs and other miscellaneous documentation - -
core/ssh2-tools x86_64 armv7a 0.2.4-2 63.06 kB GPLv3 Tools based on libssh2 - libc, libssh2
core/stimer x86_64 armv7a 0.2.6-1 18.79 kB Conet Soft timer library base krnlext, libc-headers, threos-headers
core/stsi x86_64 armv7a 0.2.5-1 266.80 kB Conet Startup script interpreter base -
core/svgx x86_64 0.2.2-1 917.45 kB Conet Parse and render svg files - cairo, devlib, expat, freetype2, krnlext, lextras, libc, libjpeg-turbo, libpng, tcrypto
core/sync-hook any 1.0-7 238 Public Domain The example 'sync' hook for the pkman - pkman
core/sysbox x86_64 0.1-481 474.42 kB Conet System utility toolbox base boot-scripts, vfs
core/sysbox-docs any 1.0.3-1 101.91 kB CC BY-SA 4.0 Official Sysbox Documentation - -
core/syslog x86_64 0.1-481 223.62 kB Conet System log service base -
core/sysvc x86_64 0.1-481 246.08 kB Conet System monitor service base -
core/tagdesc x86_64 armv7a win32 0.2.12-1 48.98 kB Conet Tag descriptor builder and handler - lextras, libc, libc-headers, threos-headers
core/taskswitch x86_64 0.1-481 200.96 kB Conet Task switch timing test - -
core/tcc x86_64 0.9.27git-2 976.62 kB LGPL-2.1 Tiny C Compiler - libc
core/tcm x86_64 armv7a 0.2.7-1 34.29 kB Conet Task Cooperation Monitor base-ext devlib, krnlext, lextras, libc, monitor
core/tcore x86_64 armv7a 0.2.4-1 157.36 kB Conet Create coredump from a task base krnlext, libc
core/tcpip x86_64 armv7a 0.3.7-1 315.11 kB Conet TCP/IP service base -
core/tcrypto simw x86_64 armv7a win32 0.2.6-1 1.58 MB Conet, MIT, BSD Threos cryptography library - libc
core/tdproto any 0.2.20-1 52.12 kB Conet TCP/IP protocol API headers base libc-headers, utask
core/telnet x86_64 1.1-481 229.95 kB Conet Telnet client base -
core/telnetd simw x86_64 armv7a 0.3.1-3 198.45 kB Conet Telnet daemon for Threos base boot-scripts
core/terminal x86_64 0.1-481 357.97 kB Conet Terminal service to provide a tty base -
core/tftp x86_64 armv7a 0.2.3-1 18.19 kB Conet Trivial FTP client - lextras, libc
core/tgdbserver x86_64 0.2.14-1 111.65 kB Conet Threos GDB server base devlib, krnlext, lextras, libc, threosdebug
core/tgetty x86_64 armv7a 0.4.4-1 201.52 kB Conet Threos getty - -
core/threos-docs any 0.3.0-1 188.62 kB CC BY-SA 4.0 Official Threos Kernel Documentation - -
core/threos-examples any 0.1.1-1 34.03 kB CC BY-SA 4.0 Threos OS example source codes - libc-headers, threos-headers
core/threos-headers simw x86_64 armv7a armv8a win32 0.3.8-1 574.40 kB Conet Threos API headers base libc-headers
core/threos-kernel x86_64 0.1-481 309.99 kB Conet Kernel binary used to boot the system base -
core/threosdebug x86_64 armv7a 0.2.11-1 44.37 kB Conet Debugging utilities for Threos base libc-headers, threos-headers
core/tinyalloc simw x86_64 armv7a win32 0.1.5-1 11.77 kB Conet Very small memory allocator - libc-headers, threos-headers
core/tinydump simw x86_64 armv7a win32 0.1.5-1 20.38 kB Conet Very small printf-like function library - libc-headers
core/tmpfs x86_64 armv7a 0.4.6-1 210.40 kB Conet Temporary file system service base boot-scripts
core/tracetune x86_64 0.1-481 172.38 kB Conet Debug trace service tuning tool base-ext dbgtracesvc
core/twget x86_64 0.1-481 529.37 kB Conet Threos network downloader base-ext -
core/tzdata any 2018e-2 680.51 kB Public Domain Sources for time zone and daylight saving time data - -
core/unxzlib x86_64 armv7a win32 0.2.6-3 154.24 kB Public Domain Library to decompress XZ archives - libc, threos-headers
core/unzip x86_64 armv7a 6.0-7 499.81 kB custom For extracting and viewing files in .zip archives - libc
core/utask x86_64 armv7a 0.2.12-1 183.93 kB Conet Micro task library with DF helper base devlib, df, krnlext, libc, stimer
core/utibox x86_64 win32 0.0.1-24, 0.1-481 235.22 kB Conet Utility toolbox base boot-scripts, vfs
core/util-threos x86_64 armv7a win32 0.2.1-1 55.28 kB Conet Miscellaneous system utilities for Threos base colprint, libc
core/vfs x86_64 armv7a 0.3.15-1 467.30 kB Conet Virtual file system service base -
core/vktrans x86_64 armv7a win32 0.2.4-1 256.91 kB Conet Virtual-key translation library with keyboard-layout compiler base inipar, lextras, libc
core/welltype x86_64 armv7a 994.54 kB LGPL-2.1 Welltype compiler and runtime - libc, libvmma
core/welltype-tests any 238.98 kB custom Welltype test environment - -
core/wget x86_64 armv7a 1.19.5-6 1.17 MB GPL3 Network utility to retrieve files from the Web - libc, libidn2, libpsl, openssl, pcre, zlib
core/xmlbuild simw x86_64 armv7a win32 0.1.5-1 31.95 kB Conet Small and limited in-memory XML builder library - libc
core/xmlite simw x86_64 armv7a win32 0.1.5-1 27.89 kB Conet Small and limited XML parser library - libc
core/xsiipc x86_64 0.1-481 396.34 kB Conet XSI IPC Service base -
core/xz x86_64 armv7a 5.2.4-2 1.10 MB GPL, LGPL, custom Library and command line tools for XZ and LZMA compressed files - libc
core/zip x86_64 armv7a 3.0-6 604.96 kB custom Compressor/archiver for creating and modifying zipfiles - libc
core/zlib x86_64 armv7a 1.2.11-4 350.79 kB Custom Compression library implementing the deflate compression method found in gzip and PKZIP - libc
extra-src/atftp-src any 0.7.2-4 1.46 MB GPL Client/server implementation of the TFTP protocol that implements RFCs 1350, 2090, 2347, 2348, and 2349 - -
extra-src/cpio-src any 2.13-2 7.35 MB GPL A tool to copy files into or out of a cpio or tar archive - -
extra-src/ttmux-src any 0.0.4+244-1 254.92 kB LGPL-2.1 Threos terminal multiplexer - -
extra/0verkill x86_64 armv7a 0.20181206-1 2.35 MB GPL2 Bloody 2D action deathmatch-like game in ASCII-ART - libc
extra/2048-c x86_64 armv7a 1.0-9 25.05 kB MIT Console version of the game 2048 - -
extra/apr x86_64 armv7a 1.6.5-3 1.17 MB APACHE The Apache Portable Runtime - libc
extra/apr-util x86_64 armv7a 1.6.1-5 669.98 kB APACHE The Apache Portable Runtime - apr, expat
extra/atftp x86_64 armv7a 0.7.2-4 149.21 kB GPL Client/server implementation of the TFTP protocol that implements RFCs 1350, 2090, 2347, 2348, and 2349 - pcre, readline, shadow
extra/attocom x86_64 armv7a 1.0-2 19.00 kB Conet Minimalistic dump-terminal emulator program - libc
extra/bricktick x86_64 armv7a 0.8-4 24.84 kB Unlicense An curses based Arkanoid/Brickbreaker clone for UNIX - ncurses
extra/calc x86_64 armv7a 4.49 MB GPL Console calculator - libc, readline
extra/cgames x86_64 armv7a 2.2a-2 158.39 kB GPL2 Collection of three ncurses games. csokoban (sokoban), cmines (minesweeper) and cblocks (sliding-block puzzles) - ncurses
extra/cksfv x86_64 armv7a 1.3.14-4 42.55 kB GPL2 SFV (Simple File Verification) Checker - libc
extra/cowsay any 3.03-1 28.93 kB BSD Utility for conversion between various byte representations and the cowsay character table - perl
extra/cpio x86_64 armv7a 2.13-2 1.08 MB GPL A tool to copy files into or out of a cpio or tar archive - libc
extra/ctris x86_64 armv7a 0.42-4 111.57 kB GPL2 A colorized, small and flexible Tetris(TM)-clone for the console - libc, ncurses
extra/libutf8proc x86_64 armv7a 2.2.0-1 630.35 kB custom C library for processing UTF-8 encoded Unicode strings - libc
extra/libxml2 x86_64 2.9.8-1 15.67 MB MIT XML parsing library, version 2 base, base-devel libc, ncurses, readline, xz, zlib
extra/libzip x86_64 armv7a 1.5.1-2 449.93 kB BSD A C library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives - bzip2, libc, openssl, zlib
extra/lzip x86_64 1.20-1 288.78 kB GPL3 A lossless file compressor based on the LZMA algorithm - gcc, libc
extra/ncbricks x86_64 armv7a 0.7.2-2 45.64 kB BSD-3 An addictive Arkanoid-like brick breaker game - libc, ncurses
extra/nsudoku x86_64 armv7a 1.3-10 32.37 kB MIT A ncurses-based Sudoku puzzle game - ncurses
extra/pacman x86_64 armv7a 1.3-6 120.19 kB GPL2 A 9 level ncurses pacman game with editor, patched to have nice ghosts - ncurses
extra/publicsuffix-list any 20181129-1 225.53 kB Custom: MPL2 Cross-vendor public domain suffix database - -
extra/python x86_64 3.6.6-5 77.07 MB Custom Next generation of the python high-level scripting language - bzip2, expat, gdbm, libc, libffi, openssl, zlib
extra/python2 x86_64 armv7a 2.7.15-6 77.57 MB PSF A high-level scripting language - bzip2, expat, gdbm, libc, libffi, openssl, zlib
extra/rhash x86_64 armv7a 1.3.6-2 507.77 kB MIT | custom Utility for verifying hash sums of files - libc
extra/rirc x86_64 armv7a 0.1+20180611-5 84.98 kB MIT A minimalistic irc client written in C - libc
extra/serf x86_64 armv7a 1.3.9-9 323.13 kB APACHE High-performance asynchronous HTTP client library - apr-util, db, expat, gdbm, zlib
extra/sic x86_64 armv7a 1.2-2 11.69 kB MIT An extremely small IRC client - libc
extra/subversion x86_64 armv7a 1.11.0-3 11.00 MB APACHE A Modern Concurrent Version Control System - db, file, libc, libutf8proc, lz4, openssl, serf, sqlite
extra/tcl x86_64 armv7a 8.6.8-3 22.00 MB custom The Tcl scripting language - libc, zlib
extra/ttmux x86_64 armv7a 0.0.4+244-1 241.19 kB LGPL-2.1 Threos terminal multiplexer - ncurses
extra/vadorz x86_64 armv7a 40-3 26.78 kB BSD An addicting ncurses space-invaders game - ncurses