The first x86_64 Pre-Alpha version of the Threos Operating System is available in the Downloads.

The image is downloadable in raw and vmdk format.

The images are updated frequently, but will be available only for a limited time!

This is a debug version, prepare for crashes and hangups!

Steps To boot the system:

Native (USB boot)

  1. write the raw image to usb storage starting at the first block
  2. boot the computer from the usb storage

Virtual machine

  1. create a new virtual machine with 256MB memory
  2. use the vmdk or raw format as the virtual disk. The virtual disk drive can be IDE or SATA.

This release should work fine on the following virtual machines:
Qemu, VmWare, VirtualBox, Xen


Only 64 bit mode x86_64 Intel processor is supported (won’t start on 32 bit only cpu).
No USB keyboard support yet, use PS2 keyboard.