In the past half year we added features, ported applications (GCC,nano,…), killed BUGS, and we are closer to bring back the ARM port.

Also there are pre-installed images available to download: one image with just the basic packages (smaller image) and one image with most of the available packages installed.

The pre-installed images are in VMDK format, and should work on: Qemu, VmWare, VirtualBox, Xen, just be sure to add the disk as IDE disk. We recommend e1000 for ethernet.

telnet login: root password: - (there isn’t any password)

Steps To boot the pre installed images:

Virtual machine

  1. create a new virtual machine with 256MB memory (512MB recommended)
  2. use the vmdk as the virtual disk. The virtual disk drive should be IDE.

This release should work fine on the following virtual machines:
Qemu, VmWare, VirtualBox, Xen


Only 64 bit mode x86_64 Intel processor is supported (won’t start on 32 bit only cpu).
No USB keyboard support yet, use PS2 keyboard.